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Evaluations and Assessments


There are times when students and adults can struggle with academics, yet
work hard and are motivated. They may experience a host of challenges such
as attending to tasks, loosing focus, difficulty with remembering, or
comprehension related concerns. At times social and emotional concerns can
also impact there hard work and determination. We have listed below nine
good reasons for an academic evaluation. These areas listed don't exhaust
the list of possibilities. Regardless of the reason an evaluation and
assessment can possibly provide you with the needed answers and appropriate
recommendations and accommodations that can be used in the academic setting
which includes post secondary accommodations, extended time on tests for
high stakes testing, and information for overall academic success in
multiple educational settings. Our list of nine is presented below. If you
have any concerns or questions give us a call at 815.662.7757.


1. Concerned Parent/Guardian Regarding Academic Progress In School?
Are you frustrated with the process of RTI?

2. Provides Vital Information for Tutoring and School Support At All

3. Homework Is A Battle

4. Can Assist With Appropriate Accommodations and Recommendations in
Various Settings

5. Possible Accommodations for ACT, SAT, And Other Tests Students and
Adults Take for College Entrance and Scholarships

6. Low Grades Can Impact Sports Eligibility at School and Possible

7. Provides Appropriate Information for IEP Development and Section 504

8. Possible College and University Accommodations (Information Can Be
Used By The Student At Student Success Centers and Disability Offices)

9. Provides Objective Information from an Outside Source That Can Help
You Navigate Through The Maze of Public and Private Education and The World of